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Wis Kid- Wisdom maxing Qinggong/Sensei monk turned impossibly high AC spellcaster

See You Next Fall- Human fighter x/monk 5 that uses racial heritage (halfling) to use the underfoot adept archetype and trip giant monsters

Streetsweeper- Reach weapon wielding trox titan fighter that uses whirlwind attack and combat reflexes to smack around entire battlefields

Druicide- Reincarnated druid with troth of the forgotten pharaoh and a blade of the rising sun that solves every problem via martyrdom

Le Spy- Sword saint 15/ninja 5 that uses order of the warrior’s true strike with a scythe + sneak attack to one hit kill the biggest, baddest dude around once per day.

Neo- Kobold monk 16/ectoplasmatist 4 that sacrifices everything for more AC. Takes improved natural armor every feat.

Shiva- Kasatha unchained monk 1/fighter 1/empyreal sorcerer 8/eldritch knight 10 with 4 scimitars that uses dex and wis to do anything and everything.

Marcus Acarius- Eldritch guardian that uses a familiar with the figment archetype to fish for crits for his scythe

Chuck- Hurler barbarian with two-handed thrower and a belt of mighty hurling that tosses greatswords for big damage

Menagerie Warden- Any character with a familiar, eidolon, animal companion, mount, and spirit

Main Page

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